A great headshot represents who you are, what makes you unique, and shows hints of your character. The goal of a great headshot is not to look perfect, but to show your personality. You want the person looking at your photo to have an emotional connection with you. They should feel they know you or want to meet you.

We Keep It Simple

1. Shoot with Laurence

2. Get more auditions or increased business

We get it. As an actor or a model or a business person, you are anxious about getting new headshots. Of course you are. Your new pictures have to work. They require an investment, not only in money but in your effort to prepare. They have to make your agents or clients and your manager happy. They have to look like you; to capture your spirit. They have to catch a casting director or a prospective client’s eye. That is why every session is personal to me. I want you to have an awesome experience, get great new headshots, and get more auditions or clients. My mission is to get you noticed so you can book more business or the roles you want. And I love watching my clients succeed.

The Process


Consider if you are better in the morning or afternoon, or if there are certain days of the week that would be best for your session.


I will send you detailed prep notes when you book.


This is your time to shine, and we will collaborate to bring out your best.


I delete rejects and send you your proofs either on line or in a thumb drive personalized just for you.


Mark your favorites, share with anyone you wish and choose your killer shots.


Process your photos that look their best and get 20% off prints at either Dale Labs or Art Media as my client.


Upload to your casting sites, your website, and all social media.

Then, get more opportunities to do what you love


Although I do not require a deposit, the balance of your fee is due at your session via credit card, check, or cash. Cancellation:

I believe in mutual respect, and ask that you commit to your appointment. Please insure that your date and time will work for you. If a change is needed, I ask for three days’ notice. With proper notice, I can reschedule your session. I take your session appointment seriously and ask that you do the same. I also know that life just happens once in a while.

The Studio

I have a small but awesome studio in Pembroke Pines, located just east of North Perry Airport, in an easy to find location. There is always ample parking and light refreshment or coffee and tea available.

Hair Styling and Color

People often think more about makeup than they do hair, but your hair contributes greatly to your look and the character types you might portray. Hair is also more difficult to retouch, so it is important to get it right when you shoot.


The right haircut is vital. People lose sight of the simple fact that your style is in the cut. A hair stylist can only do so much in styling your hair if the cut does not match, causing frustration during your session, and in your final photos. Also, it is vital that you have the right haircut that suits you and your character type. A fresh cut, even a small trim, will help with the shape. If you have short hair, you should shoot no later than a week after your cut.


Your hair color also strongly affects your casting. You will want your headshots to last, so carefully consider the best color for the roles you want to play. If you color your hair, have it done a week or so before your session. You want the color to be fresh, and to avoid visible roots.

FOR CHILDREN: Children don’t generally require makeup, but it can be helpful to hire an artist to help style and manage the hair.

Makeup for Women

Here are some considerations regarding makeup for your headshot session: Should you hire a professional makeup artist? The choice, of course, is up to you, whatever makes you the most comfortable. We are happy to schedule a professional makeup artist if you like. The makeup artist is there to help eliminate shine, lighten under-eye shadows, cover blemishes, even skin tone, etc.

NO MAKEUP: Some women don’t wear much or any daily makeup. While the goal in your photos is to look clean and natural, most women will benefit from at least a light application of makeup. Remember that this is makeup for camera, and we want to highlight your features;

DO YOUR OWN MAKEUP: You will generally do your own makeup for auditions, so some actors choose to do the same for their photo session.

Makeup for Men

Should men hire a professional makeup artist? The choice, of course, is up to you, whatever makes you the most comfortable. We are happy to schedule a professional makeup artist if you like. The makeup artist is there to help eliminate shine, lighten under-eye shadows, cover blemishes, even skin tone, etc; They can also help with male grooming, tweezing eyebrows and spray hairs. For some men, the main reason the artist is there is for hair styling, often helpful for longer hair; Some men simply prefer to have a makeup artist, and that is great. On the other hand: While we strongly recommend a makeup artist for women, most men don’t need one; For many men, you just want to reduce shine, and perhaps lighten under-eye shadows, which you can learn to do yourself.

Wardrobe for Headshots

Here are some notes about wardrobe for headshots: Men, please bring a dress shirt and a tie you like. Ladies, please bring a simple top. You provide your own wardrobe. This may be items from your closet, borrowed from a friend, or purchased for your session. Even though a three quarter shot should be included, your most important pictures are close-ups on your face, so naturally we are primarily interested in tops. Begin by considering the character type you are most likely to play. What would those characters wear? Watch TV and see what they are wearing in commercials, film, and TV shows. One simplification is to break it down into casual, casual nice, and professional; Another consideration is age range. Your first outfit can support the younger characters you will play, working up to the older end of your range; Keep it fairly simple, and generally avoid clothes that are distracting with loud colors, busy prints, patterns, stripes, graphics and logos; Rich colors, jewel tones are nice.


Please note that specific pricing has been omitted from the web site. An attempt has been made to separate us from the huge number of photographers out there to that end, here are our simple policies that relate to pricing. There are never per hour fees. There are no time limits to a project. Pricing will be for a project, whether the project is a family photograph, a formal portrait, a head shot, and even for products. There are no hidden surprises. The one price policy makes client budgeting easier. The promise is our prices are always fair and in all cases affordable.


Individual portrait sessions or head shots do not require a deposit. Events or product work requires a 50% deposit.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 2 weeks of a scheduled event is refundable 100%. Cancellation within one week of an event is refundable 50%. All other deposits are non-refundable.